Professional Sheffielder | Historian | Raconteur

Professional Sheffielder | Historian | Raconteur

Tours & Events

Ron Clayton is a full time professional Sheffielder! He regularly gives walking history tours of Sheffield and can also be hired to give public speeches. These focus on a wide range of Sheffield history related topics; from “Sheffield’s Military History” to “The Great Flood” to “Some Famous Sheffield Ghosts and Hauntings” and lots more.

So if you’d like to hear more about the stiff upper lip of ‘Blitz-Time Sheffield’, or you’re fascinated by the mysterious and supernatural tale of ‘Spring Heeled Jack.’ Get in touch to join Ron on one of his History Tours or have him speak at your next event. Ron is not just a BA Hons in History from Sheffield University (which he has) but an entertainer, a wit raconteur and an engaging speaker.

Virtual Tours
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“Sheffield Castle – The Inside Story”
“The Great Flood”
“Body Snatching In Sheffield”
“Garrison Town – The Military In Sheffield”
“Lost Heritage – Lost historic buildings of Sheffield”
“Gibbeted – The story of Francis Fern & Spence Broughton”
“Charlie Pearce’s Life, Love and Crimes”
“Some ‘Orrible Sheffield Murders and Crimes”
“Some Famous Sheffield Ghosts and Hauntings”
“The Lost Streets and Street Names of Sheffield”
“Sheffield’s Greatest Chief Constable”
“A Fishmongers Lad (Growing up in Hillsborough, Wadlsey and Crooks)”
“Sheffield’s Oldest Public House”
“A Nostalgic Look at Sheffield’s Lost Pubs”
“Looking at Sheffield – Old Maps & Prints”
“Some Famous and not so famous books about Sheffield”